Hello, I'm Isha! I'm constantly exploring the advanced possibilites of UX/UI design and interactive web development. I strive to create thoughtful, functional, and visually soothing designs, based on a strategic approach.

i believe in getting shit done. i believe in getting shit done.

The creative processes that aids me getting into this creative mindset are stemming from the idea of giving myself the space to make anything I want. Some of them are reading, writing, cleaning, hiking, and playing guitar.

My Creative Process
Understanding The Objective

I believe in thoroughly understanding the objective behind the project, which I'm about to create. This way I can get familiarity with the project and company/client hat will further help me create something meaning full original for the client.I believe in thoroughly understading the .

Generating Ideas

In this step, I get to immerse myself in several premade ideas, from which I seek inspiration and proceed to create something innovative and fresh according to the brief given by the client. I believe in iteratively drafting and researching till I find something suitable. A few of the regular things that aid me during this step are hiking, mediation, reading, painting, music.

Implementing Ideas

When I come up with something innovative and get the green light from the client, I proceed with implementing it. This is where I begin the creation process and implement ideas according to the project brief.

Testing Ideas

In this step, I test out the deliverable with my friends and family and get their feedback on any improvement. Then I deliver the deliverable to the client in the requested format. If any revisions are required, I iterate the deliverable accordingly. I strongly believe in revising the project until the client is fully satisfied.

Presenting Final Deliverible

In the end, I present the final deliverable to the client after working on the revision. I believe in curating the best for my customers and provide quality service and hundred percent satisfaction to them.